Engaged Landscaping was founded in 2008 with a VW golf and cement mixer. We've grown organically over the past 8 years to diesel trucks, all the right tools and a team of highly trained staff.


Andrew Thaysen has worked in landscape construction for over 14 years. Starting with an informal apprenticeship building high quality creative landscapes on the North Shore.  In 2008, Andrew started Engaged Landscaping and has been sought after ever since for his creative approach, reputation for building beautiful landscapes and treating clients with respect and integrity.



Andrew grew up in North Vancouver, close to the great North Shore mountains. As a young boy, he remembers playing with stones in his back yard, selecting all the best ones and creating balanced towers. He's an avid back country adventurer and now enjoys passing this passion and respect for the outdoors to his 3 year old daughter. Andrew is also an artist, working with paint and photography, and brings this artistic eye into all of his projects. After travelling in europe, Andrew moved to East Vancouver in his early twenties to explore more of what the city had to offer. In 2013, after a decade of living in east van, he and his wife were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and decided to move back to the North Shore to raise her.


With a renewed sense of responsibility and duty, Andrew takes landscape construction even more seriously, and strives to be ever more considerate of the environment when designing and building landscapes.  He feels extremely lucky to live here in the heart of Lynn Valley, have an amazing family and be able to bring what he loves into his daily craft.