Everything starts somewhere, where we start is in your yard, in your space. Our projects reflect you; your style, your vision and your aesthetic.


After you make contact; we meet, walk through your property and discuss what it is you envision or how you want to use your surroundings.  Smaller projects don't always need professional drawings. In these instances, usually you already know what you want, we help you to refine the project and with a quick sketch, come up with a basic plan. Then we submit a quote and if you allow us, we'll create exactly what you're looking for.









On larger projects, we need a detailed plan of what we are to construct based on a site survey and precise measurements.  In this instance, we take the same steps as above, however we go a little deeper into the process.  We get to know you, what you and you family enjoy, your approximate budget and how you would like to use and appreciate your property. We then discuss intial ideas about what is possible and where you could maximize the effectiveness your budget.


The next step is completing a site survey, if needed, to properly assess your property.  Then we head back to the office and work on desgning a yard you will enjoy for decades.  Once we have the initial plan drafted we will meet with you a second time to present you with a copy of the design and discuss its features. This is where we refine our vision, we find out what fits with you and what doesn't. Once we feel that we more fully understand you, we work on finalizing the design.  


Once the final design is completed, we will again present this to you and offer a quote based on the design.  Once all parties are agreed on the quote and design, we sign off on it and begin making arragements for starting your project.


Things change...During the construction process you or we may find that something needs to be modified or changed. Once the issue has been raised we will discuss alternatives and options with you and give you a breakdown of cost differences. You'll sign off on all design modifications.



"We are passionate about creating space that brings you out,

that helps you to

engage your surroundings."


Small project:


  1. Meet, discover what you want to achieve.

  2. Ask questions, exchange ideas.

  3. Create a quote based on our discussion and design.

  4. Agree on a start date and begin building your vision.

Our Process

Large project:


  1. Meet, discover more extensively what your vision, budget and ideas are.

  2. Idea exchange with email and or phone.

  3. Site survey.

  4. Preliminary design work

  5. Second meeting, present design and quote, discuss.

  6. Final design work, refine design within your budget.

  7. Agree on start date and begin planning and building your vision.

  8. You sign off on any design changes made during the construction process.