Dealing with the dreaded chafer beetle

The chafer beetle has become common place in much of vancouver, from the North Shore to East Vancouver. Not only does this juicy grub feed on the roots of your lawn, but crows, raccoons and skunks find them irresistible. This results in a lawn that is destroyed from the roots, ripped apart on the surface and looking awful.

The good news is that there are other options that are less susceptible to this infestation which can result in less maintenance and a more beautiful and dynamic yard.

  • Replace with a ground cover that isn't affected by the chafer beetle and doesn't need to be mowed. For example: Clover or Creeping Thyme.

  • Replace with a vegetable garden and start producing vegetables.

  • Install a paver patio and relax in the sun.

  • Learn more about the chaffer beetle - - European chafer beetle

Below are some pictures of a resent project where we removed an entire front lawn and replaced it with topsoil, we also relayed existing pavers level with the concrete walkway. This is an inexpensive option to rejuvenate a tired and wobbly existing pathway. I like re-using existing pavers and materials in new and creative ways, it's both easy on the planet and your wallet.

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