Out of the cold, the first project emerges...

Well that was a long cold winter for us on the South Coast, we're not used to that! Our shipment of stone out of Squamish had to wait until mid January for the yard to be accessible enough to retrieve our order. And then despite the cold we started, working in sub zero temperatures at times. Although logistically challenging at times, the weather has been beautiful this winter, unusual for us and somewhat reassuring...The earth can still get cold here.

We started our first project of 2017 in the middle of January.

Scope of Work:

  • Build Drystack Basalt walls

  • Install a massive Basalt bench, artistically created by Huckleberry Stone Supply in Squamish.

  • Create a water feature composed of three Basalt Gurglers.

  • A series of granite walls to create a new parking area.

We started with the stone bench, moving it into place using PVC pipes as rollers. Which works beautifully, we can push a 1200 lb piece with one hand on flat ground with minimal effort, amazing!

The bench sits at the end of a long patio beside a gas fire table. Due to the sheer weight of the bench (2600 lbs) we had to cut out the concrete slab under the two side pieces and dig down two and a half feet to hard pan. I love hitting hard pan, it's so reassuring. If we had installed the bench directly onto the concrete slab it would have cracked under the weight of the bench. We poured the foundations in such a way that you cannot see them, all you see is a 1/4" space between the bottom of the basalt and the concrete.

Next we're onto Basalt walls to create some raised beds, water feature, and Boulder placement.

I'll keep you posted with the progress of the rest of the project. It's going to look fantastic!

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