"Andrew and his team did a fairly extensive job on my front and back yard, replacing and creating pathways in the front, the side and the back, building raised vegetable beds and creating a lovely rock area at the back of my property. I was very impressed throughout by the high quality of the work done and at the thoughtfulness and thoroughness that Andrew put into the project. It was done extremely well, efficiently, without delays, and I was also particularly pleased with how neat and tidy everything was left at the end of the job. I am super happy with it all and my yard is transformed. I will certainly be recommending Andrew to anyone looking for this type of work to be done."

Residence in North Vancouver 2015

"I first hired Engaged Landscaping five years ago and I found Andrew very easy to work with; he implemented my vision, yet had his own ideas when I was stuck. I particularly liked his ability to form order out of chaos, as well as his ablity to work with natural stone in a way that complimented its features.  When I undertook phase 2 this year, he was my first choice contractor to hire and, fortunately, was available.  After settling on a plan with him, it was a pleasure to see this take shape, and yet I had the freedom to modify some design elements as the process evolved."


Residence in North Vancouver 2014

"Working with Andrew has been a pleasure.  The four projects he has completed for us have been done with precision, as well as attention to detail and longevity.  Our property has become all the more enjoyable due to Andrew's service."



Residence in North Vancouver 2013, 2014, 2015

"After renovating our house, partially in preparation for aging in place, we needed to rebuild our garden. We developed basic requirements and plans to improve access between the ground and main floors through the garden. The garden design includes pathways with few steps from the front and rear entrances of our property to the ground and main floor while retaining the stairs and front poach of a craftsman style home.


After selecting Engaged Landscaping based on an initial interview, Andrew worked with us adding his creative skills to build a space enjoyed by all ages. The structure of the garden includes a climbable retaining wall, winding paths and a small creek that reminds us of the mountains north of Vancouver. 


Andrew Thaysen was engaging and effective in translating our conversations into a garden scape that embodied the elements we discussed. The garden invites you to stroll the paths, always discovering something unexpected around the next bend or behind the wall. The design created a sense of depth and variety that exceeds the normal limits felt on a city lot.


It was a joy to work with Andrew. He works hard, as do his crew members, always with a calm and very pleasant manner."


Residence in Vancouver 2013, 2015